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Hearing Heart Ministries
Reaching out in love 1st Kings 3:9 ...Lord give me now a hearing heart....
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Studying God's Word
June 22, 2010  2 Timothy 2:15
Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

This was my devotion for today from Charles Spurgeon's, Strengthen My Spirit.
Spurgeon puts it like this:  "The diligent reading of the Word of God with the strong resolve to get at its meaning often produces spiritual life.  We are begotten by the Word of God: It is the instrumental means of regeneration.  Therefore love your Bible.  Keep close to our Bible.  You who are seeking the Lord, your first business is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; but while you are yet in darkness and in gloom, love your Bible and search it.  Take it to bed with you, and when you wake up in the morning, if it is too early to go downstairs and disturb the house, get half an hour of reading upstairs.  Say, "Lord, guide me to that text which shall bless me.  Help me to understand how I, a poor sinner, can be reconciled to You."  Oh, cling to scripture. it is the silken clue that will lead you to Him.  Cling to Christ and He will speak to you thru His word. Follow it's leadings faithfully. 
When you have received regeneration and a new life, keep on reading because it will comfort you.  You will see more of what the Lord has done for you.  You will learn that you are redeemed, adopted, saved, sanctified.  Half the errors in the world spring from people not reading their Bibles." 

As I thought on this this morning, I had to reflect back on how in the past and even now the Bible has, and still does, speak to me in so many ways.  Revealing to me just what my heavenly Father is like and how much He truly loves me.   I can honestly say no matter how many times I have read my Bible, over and over, it has spoken to me in a new and special way.  It seems to be a new book with every reading.  I have received strength for a difficult time or journey, I have received healing for physical sickness and emotional hurts.   It has been my refuge in times of storm, and it has been my hiding place, it has also been my encouragement to continue this walk with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  My prayer for all my friends is that you will become familiar with your Bible.  Read it daily, get a NIV if need be or a NKJV so that it will be easier for you to understand. Make it a part of your daily life, (as the body needs food so does your spirit need that food from heaven that is in the Word of God,) and I guarantee to you that you will find Jesus and all that you are looking for in this life and the life that is sure to come, in those pages. 

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6/22/2010 10:51:46 PM
So true
Oh the Revelation that has come through God's Word just in recent months, weeks, and even days... so true, Mom.
6/22/2010 4:33:58 PM
The Bible
It has been my belief for years that the value of God's Word is immeasurable. I'm so happy you have found that to be true.
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