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Plowing up the Soil of my Soul

July 2, 2010:   Isaiah 28:24.. Doth the plowman plow all day to sow?"

Plowing up the Soil of my Soul

What a month this has been for us.  It has seemed from every turn that life has been against us and all those we love.  This morning I was reminded by my devotions once again of that great verse in the bible that says… All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28”   I have wondered about this verse many times.   Wondered how to break it down and figure out just exactly what the writer is trying to say to me.  It seems that when trials come against us we crumble and begin to doubt our walk and relationship with our heavenly Father, when really we should cling so much closer to Him and hold ever tighter to His loving hand.  That is when I realize that I don’t have to worry about my hold to His hand, because HE IS HOLDING MINE.  His words assures me that “He will never leave me nor forsake me.”  So, why do I worry?  Why do I question His will?  It is because in this human mind and life I am weak and I know my weakness all too well, but thru Christ and His love and mercy I am stronger then I ever knew I could be and if I will keep my eyes on Him and not on the surrounding circumstances my faith and trust will grow to know no bounds.   So I must come to the conclusion that He is plowing up not only my soil, but the soil of my loved ones as well, preparing for a bountiful harvest to take place in our lives.   Isaiah 28:24 says in abbreviation “Doth the Plowman plow all day to sow?”   Yes of course he does, the good farmer prepares his ground before sowing that precious seed he has bought with which to reap a bountiful harvest. God is working in my life to plow up the soil and prepare in me and in my loved ones a place to plant seed that will yield a bountiful harvest of souls for the kingdom and workers for the fields.  He is a perfect God and King and He does all things well.   I only need to trust and yield my life to Him completely for Him to use me to harvest that field of souls.  An excerpt from my reading this morning says, “Oh that we might always catch the vision of an abundant harvest, when the great  Master Plowman comes, as He often does, and furrows thru our very souls, uprooting and turning under that which we thought most fair, and leaving for our tortured gaze only the bare and the unbeautiful.  Why should I start or be afraid at the plow of my Lord, that maketh the deep furrows on my soul?  I know He is no idle husbandman, He has purposed a bountiful crop”.  So today I will purpose in my heart to trust Him with all things.  Yes even the dear friend  with 4th stage lung cancer, and the one needing 3 organ transplants, and the loved one with Alzheimers, and so many more, even down to what is now the most insignificant of them all, the flood in my home.  Oh how some things seem to wane in the shadow of the real troubles, and under His gaze.   I love you Lord for reminding me once again of your complete and total awareness of all these things and Your sure resolve to work all things for my good and the good of those I care so much for. 

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