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Hearing Heart Ministries
Reaching out in love 1st Kings 3:9 ...Lord give me now a hearing heart....
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Story behind "Open My Eye's Lord"
November 1, 2010

The Story behind “Open My Eyes Lord”

During my devotions one morning I was waiting and meditating on what I had just read from Charles Spurgeon’s devotional, Strengthen my Spirit.  The devotion for that day was taken from the story of the woman with the issue of blood who had been to every doctor, spent all her money trying to find relief from her illness and could find none, until she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus garment, and was made perfectly whole.   Spurgeon was talking about knowing Christ in all His fullness and all His glory.  I began to desire that type of closeness with my heavenly Father, to know Him and His love for me in such a way as to never doubt again.  To quote Spurgeon, “ I wanted my eyes to be cleansed until I could see my Lord as He is and could sing of those beauties which are the light and crown of heaven itself.  If I but touch the Hem of Jesus’s garment, I shall be made whole, but will this always satisfy me?   Won’t I desire to get beyond the hem and beyond the garment, to Himself and to His heart, and there forever take up residence?”  My answer was a resounding YES LORD YES!!!.  Spurgeon says that if one touch of the hem of Jesus garment made the woman totally whole, imagine what allowing Jesus to wrap us in His garment can do.  I want to be wrapped in His blessed garments, to be one with my Lord and to know His love beyond compare is truly mine.  As I prayed and asked Jesus to help me understand these things I began to sing.   “Open My Eyes Lord so that I may clearly see” the tears began to flow and I knew my Lord was listening. The chorus was first, then as days went by the verses came and soon the cry of my heart was in this song.  Do you long to know Jesus in such a way as this?   If so you must first come to Him and tell Him so, read His word to know Him better, open your heart and mind and allow Him with His Holy Spirit to speak to you and show you His fullness, His mercy, and His grace that goes beyond anything you have ever desired in this life. I pray that this will be your prayer as well, and that somehow this song will reach into the hearts of God’s children and cause them to rise up and say…. Open My Eye’s Lord and wrap me in your presence so that I may know you and surrender to you wholly and completely, so that I might share with others Your greatness and glory.  

2 Corinthians 3:18  But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory.

God in His love is still working, and molding me into the image He wants me to be and I want to be wholly surrendered to His touch. I thank my heavenly Father that He sees me as I will be, not as I am now.  Are you being transformed or are you the same now as when you first came to Christ.  If so, I urge you to open your heart and search for your place in Christ, you will never be the same again, I promise!  O’ Surrender your all to Him and He will reveal  Himself to you.

In Christ’s Love.  Pamela  

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