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Hearing Heart Ministries
Reaching out in love 1st Kings 3:9 ...Lord give me now a hearing heart....
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Are You Missing the Blessing?

Are You Missing the Blessing?

 How many blessings have you missed?  How many battles have you lost because you gave up in fear, and frustration and refused to continue on until the end and obtain the blessing that was waiting for you.   Faithfulness to God and our Saviour is paramount to all other things and it is in that faithfulness that the blessing is realized.   There is a song titled  “Don’t Give Up On The Brink of a Miracle.”  So many times when the battle seems long and just to hard to bear we give up.  We stop praying, we stop searching, we stop fighting for what God has promised and in the end we miss out on the miracle that was waiting for us at the end of the struggle.  Fellow soldier, DON’T GIVE UP!!  Continue to fight the good fight.  Evil may seem to be winning but God is always victorious and He will never, I say NEVER leave you alone in the battle.   Are you praying for a lost love one, DON’T GIVE UP!!!  Their salvation is sure to come.  Are you praying for healing, DON’T GIVE UP!!!  God’s answer is on the way!!  Are you praying for direction, keep on keeping on, do all you can do for the Master until He shows you which way to turn.   Don’t go on in presumption, but walk in faith, trusting that God will lead you and that He will open the doors He wants and close the doors He doesn’t.  Phil 4:13 “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.”  2 Tim 1:12 For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.”  These are just a couple of verses from God’s word that encourage us to fight on.  Fight on weary soldier, DON’T GIVE UP, trust and obey, and have faith in God that He will see you thru.   There is a blessing at the end of your struggle that you do not want to miss. You’ve heard the saying, “a pot at the end of the rainbow” well better then that is the blessing at the end of your struggle will be more then your heart can contain.

“Oh for faith that brings the triumph
When defeat seems strangely near.
Oh for faith that brings the triumph
Into victory’s ringing cheer.
Faith triumphant: knowing not defeat or fear”
Poem written by Herbert Booth 


Pamela Grundy


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12/11/2014 6:57:02 AM
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Bettina Beckford (Aunt Tina)
3/31/2011 1:38:44 AM
'Old Age'
At 84 the alternative seems better than "Old Age'. Just want you to know that I do really enjoy part of this old age. As I rest on the couch every day I listen to your beautiful music. Thank you for obeying God's call to you. A/T
Melanie Treadway
3/31/2011 12:00:44 AM
Like we try to teach our kids.... good(God!) always wins in the end. Love you! xoxo
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