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Hearing Heart Ministries
Reaching out in love 1st Kings 3:9 ...Lord give me now a hearing heart....
July, 2010
October, 2010
My Presence Has Gone Before You
May 15, 2010


My Presence has gone before you and prepared the way

 Acts 15:18   Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. 


Some years ago my brother  Dave and I were discussing moving from Connecticut to Florida to start a business. I was ready to “do it”  but Dave was reluctant to leave (he probably had more sense than I did). He told me he was sitting in a rocking chair and had just been reading the scriptures and was now meditating on the future, what lay before him, when God spoke to him saying, “My Presence has gone before you and prepared the way”. On that word, we moved to Florida, started the business, and are still in business today 27 years later.

The way that God has moved for us and taken care of us through the years would take pages to write. We found indeed, that God’s presence went before us and prepared the way.  It’s hard to understand, but God created the entity called “time” and has already placed everything in it that will ever be.  Acts 15:18 tells us:  Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.

Every page that you turn, each new chapter in your life, each new day that you enter, the Presence of God has already been there and made provision for you. Every difficulty that you face, every troubling circumstance, God is fully aware of it, and has already made a way around or through it, for you.


A Doctor who operated a medical clinic for poor people in New York City in the early 1900’s and also held prayer meetings several evenings a week, told the following story. There was a lawyer who attended the prayer meetings who from time to time would give him sums of money telling him to place it, where it was needed most.  It seemed that God always had a special purpose for each gift.  One day the lawyer gave him a check for 12 dollars and 50 cents, telling him to “place it where it was needed most”. The doctor put it in a drawer not sure what God intended for it and there it sat.  He said after several weeks and no instructions, he thought maybe he had lost touch with that “still small voice”.



One evening however, just before prayer meeting as he opened the drawer the word came “take it out”. That evening he looked across the people to see if there was possibly a foreign missionary present as different times gifts had gone to them, but tonight there was a lady there, who with her husband operated the John 3:16 mission for the homeless and he felt the gift was to go to her.  After the service he approached her and asked if there were any special needs that they might have at their mission. She replied, “Brother, our mission is a work of faith and our needs are only brought before the Lord”.  He handed her the check however and said “I feel this is to go to you for the mission work”.  She then told him the following story.  The nights had been bitter cold and they had run out of coal and had no money to purchase more.  If they were not able to obtain more, for the first time since they started the mission, they would have to shut the doors. Just before she had come to prayer meeting that evening she and her husband had gotten on their knees and made their plea before their God, and now, here was the answer. The price of a ton of coal delivered down the chute – 12 dollars and 50 cents. Simply chance? Or is there ONE who declares “before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear."


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9/21/2014 7:21:59 AM
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The lady seemed to forget the immediate business in listening to the technicalities of the corn trade [url=http://www.caritas-fairtrade.ch/hollister.aspx]hollister schweiz[/url] Five guineas, said the auctioneer, "or she'll be withdrawn Miss Templeman looked at Elizabeth-Jane with interest, and laid down the cards [url=http://www.mamborock.ch/]moncler online shop[/url] I'm so glad you've come" Henchard in the meantime had gone upstairs [url=http://www.klassikwellness.ch/]hollister[/url] After an unprecedented success one day she came indoors, went upstairs, and leant upon her bed face downwards quite forgetting the possible creasing and damage Henchard beamed forth a satisfaction that was almost fierce in its strength

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Elizabeth, her eyes shining at this prospect of a change from an unbearable position, joyfully assented; and the two parted at the gate of the churchyard [url=http://www.cioccobianco.it/Woolrich-Outlet-Online/]woolrich sito ufficiale[/url] He sat down at the table and wrote a few lines, next taking from his pocket-book a five-pound note, which he put in the envelope with the letter, adding to it, as by an afterthought, five shillings She went down on her knees, shovel in hand, when the cat overturned the coal-scuttle; moreover, she would persistently thank the parlour-maid for everything, till one day, as soon as the girl was gone from the room, Henchard broke out with, Good God, why dostn't leave off thanking that girl as if she were a goddess-born! Don't I pay her a dozen pound a year to do things for 'ee?" Elizabeth shrank so visibly at the exclamation that he became sorry a few minutes after, and said that he did not mean to be rough [url=http://www.unibrindisi.it/]hogan outlet[/url] The three members of the family were sitting at breakfast one day, and Henchard was looking silently, as he often did, at this head of hair, which in colour was brown--rather light than dark " She waved her hand towards the tombstone [url=http://www.terradiciclismo.it/]peuterey[/url] "I thought I ought to marry you for conscience' sake, since you were free, even though I--did not like you so well He went towards Durnover

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[url=http://www.compagniadellalunetta.it/]scarpe hogan[/url] He was superstitious--as such head-strong natures often are--and he nourished in his mind an idea bearing on the matter; an idea he shrank from disclosing even to Jopp The truth was that the old woman had appeared in court so many more times than the magistrates themselves, that they were obliged to keep a sharp look-out upon their procedure [url=http://www.trainsamerica.co.uk/]hollister outlet uk[/url] Prices being low Farfrae was buying " He turned to her with congratulatory admiration so fervid that she shrank somewhat, notwithstanding that she knew him so well He left off coming to Donald's lodgings and shouting into the passage He was well-nigh ferocious at the sense of the queer situation in which he stood towards this woman The man as slily sent back money in payment

Though, Farfrae, between you and me, as man and man, I solemnly declare that philandering with womankind has neither been my vice nor my virtue [url=http://www.cioccobianco.it/Woolrich-Outlet-Online/]woolrich[/url] Farfrae," she faltered, "so have I It was finally decided by Miss Templeman that she would be the cherry-coloured person at all hazards [url=http://www.unibrindisi.it/]scarpe hogan outlet[/url] "Treat me as an acquaintance, and I'll treat you as one The lugubrious harmony of the spot with his domestic situation was too perfect for him, impatient of effects scenes, and adumbrations [url=http://www.terradiciclismo.it/]peuterey[/url] If there was one good thing more than another which characterized this single-hearted girl it was a willingness to sacrifice her personal comfort and dignity to the common weal "Mother and father--nobody else hardly




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[url=http://www.compagniadellalunetta.it/]scarpe hogan[/url] Everybody applauded the Mayor's proposed entertainment, especially when it became known that he meant to pay for it all himself Pleasant young fellow, said Henchard [url=http://www.trainsamerica.co.uk/]hollister uk[/url] I don't see noo harm in it "Lucetta is related to her, I suppose," he said to himself Then Henchard himself went homeward, going so fast that by the time he reached his door he was almost upon the heels of the unconscious woman from whom he had just parted "But the business is between me and Miss Templeman "Folks don't lift up their hearts like that in this part of the world

Looking towards the village, he continued, There is something going on here, however, is there not?""" [url=http://www.cioccobianco.it/Woolrich-Outlet-Online/]woolrich[/url] Immediately opposite a vehicle of strange description had come to a standstill, as if it had been placed there for exhibition I can always make a good meal in the morning [url=http://www.unibrindisi.it/]hogan outlet[/url] Meek--that meekness has done me more harm than the bitterest temper!" When the lamps were lighted, and it was yet not so dark as to render chimneys, attics, and roofs invisible, Elizabeth, almost with a lover's feeling, thought she would like to look at the outside of High-Place Hall [url=http://www.terradiciclismo.it/]peuterey[/url] The next Saturday Henchard bought grain to such an enormous extent that there was quite a talk about his purchases among his neighbours the lawyer, the wine merchant, and the doctor; also on the next, and on all available days By such a desperate bid against him for the farmers' custom as will grind him into the ground--starve him out




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